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Evergreen Shrubs For Sun

Nick's carries thousands of species and varieties of plants suited for our climate including many difficult to find items. Below or only SOME of the more popular selections.

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Juniper Juniper – Juniper shrubs grow from very short and spreading to taller shrubs perfect for hedges. Foliage color ranges from gold to green to blue. Junipers are notoriously tough and tolerant of a variety of conditions.


PyracanthaPyracantha – A fast growing broadleaf evergreen Pyrcantha offers year round interest with white flowers in spring giving way to bright orange berries that last through the winter. Sizes vary from 6’ tall and wide to the larger varieties which can grow to 12’ tall, but all Pyracantha are very prunable to create any size or shape.

Dwarf Mugo

Dwarf Mugo PineDwarf Mugo Pine – Unlike the standard Mugo of old the Dwarf varieties can stay as small as 18’ tall and wide depending on variety adding dense dark green foliage to smaller areas.

Globe Spruce

Globe SpruceGlobe Spruce – Globe Spruce – A shrub variety of the Blue Spruce the Globe spruce will grow in a neat 5’ ball. This shrub is very slow growing and easily maintained to just about any size. Smaller varieties exist growing only to 24’ tall and wide making them great for rock gardens. Larger varieties are excellent choices to add year round color to front yards.