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We carry hundreds of species & varieties of Flowering & Ornamental Trees suited for our climate including many difficult to find items!

Our popular selections include:

  • Ornamental Pear

    Ornamental Pear

    This tree provides three season interest covered with burst of white flowers in the early spring, a lush uniform crown through the summer, and spectacular fall colors ranging from orange to bronze red. Most varieties can grow to 35’ tall varying in width from 8-25’ making the pear very versatile and able to fit in almost every yard no matter how small.

  • Flowering Crabapple

    Flowering Crabapple

    For spring color crabapples are tough to beat. Profuse flowers mid spring ranging in many colors from white to every shade of pink to almost blood red. Leaf colors differ as well adding color contrast to your yard even when flowers are not present.

  • Golden Rain Tree

    Golden Rain Tree

    One of the few late blooming trees displaying spikes of yellow blooms in late Summer to Fall. A larger flowering tree growing 40’ tall and 20-30’ wide.

  • Hawthorne


    A durable drought tolerant tree some displaying more horizontal and arching growth habits. The different varieties range in size from 15’-25’ tall and 12’-25’ wide. Flower colors differ as well, from the standard whites to the double pink of the Paul’s Scarlet variety.

  • Tulip Tree

    Tulip Tree

    An absolutely unique tall flowering tree producing interesting large tulip shaped yellow flowers with orangey centers in late spring. This tree can easily grow quickly to 70-80’ tall and 40’ wide.

  • Ornamental Plum

    Ornamental Plum

    Most varieties of this non fruit baring plum are dark leafed with light pink to white flowers in very early spring. The purple lush foliage adds excellent color contrast to a green landscape.


Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Flowering & Ornamental Trees at particular times throughout the year.