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We carry hundreds of species & varieties of Large Evergreen Trees suited for our climate including many difficult to find items!

Our popular selections include:

  • Austrian Pine

    Austrian Pine

    A hardy, fast growing pine with long dark green needles make it great for quick privacy. Mature height can reach 40-50’ and width of 30-40’.

  • Colorado Blue Spruce

    Colorado Blue Spruce

    Standard Colorado Blue Spruce forms a stately blue pyramid of 60-90’ tall and 30-45’ wide. Dense foliage also make for good screening.

  • Concolor Fir

    Concolor Fir

    Concolor Fir can grow 50-70’ tall and 20-30’ wide with gray green rounded needles giving it a smoother texture.

  • Bristlecone Pine

    Bristlecone Pine

    A slower growing pine with unique texture and interesting growth habits to 40’ tall and 30’ wide. Bristlecone is one of the longest lived trees with oldest trees more than 4000 years old.


Availability varies and Nick's may be out of stock of various Large Evergreen Trees at particular times throughout the year.